Attention Triggers

...before you pay for your online degree.

Attention triggers!

  1. Be wary of online schools, colleges or universities which talk about state licensure rather than accreditation.
  2. Check whether the agency that accredited the online college or university of your choice is recognized by the United States Department of Education. Online colleges and universities should be accredited by recognized accreditation agencies.
  3. Pay more attention if the online college or university claims to be accredited by foreign institution.

Why the college where I want to earn my online degree has to be accredited by the accrediting agency recognized by the United Stated Department of education?

  1. Because many employers in the United States only recognize online degrees earned from institutions accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Secretary of Education.
  2. Because the agency that accredits your college or university should have the recognition in order to participate in some federal program, such as the federal student financial aid programs.
  3. Because you can transfer your academic credits to any other accredited college or university only if they have been earned in the accredited college.

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