Resume Writing - Additional Sections of The Resume

Special Skills/Accomplishments:

If you have special competencies that have not been mentioned previously, or which you would like to consolidate in one section, this is the place. Foreign and computer languages, instrumentation, program development, published material or any others that you may think of:


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect


NMR, IR, AA, GC, HPLC, and Column Chromatography

Course Work:

Include specific course work if those courses are not implied by your major (don't include entry-level classes that everyone takes). Many employers feel that related course work is helpful in making their decision. Experience is more important (so don't sacrifice space), but if you have room for course work, include it.


  • Marketing
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Case Studies in Public Relations

Honors and Activities:

You can combine these or use them by themselves, depending on how much information you have. For i

nstance, if you have one honor (like: Dean's list) and two activities, you can list them all in an HONORS & ACTIVITIES section. If you participated in several activities, (like: Young Norwegians of Ohio, Student Government, Arctic Snowshoeing), you can list them in a separate ACTIVITIES section. Employers are also interested in community service.

Warning: You should limit your activities to those that fit one or more of three criteria:

  1. Shows leadership
  2. Shows communication skills
  3. Is related to your field

Also, it is often not a good idea to include religious and political affiliations (e.g. Campus Crusade for Christ, College Democrats), as you do not want to put off an employer who does not share your views when this particular issue is not directly related to the position you are seeking.

Functional Experience Sections:

This is sometimes called a "functional resume" format. If you have the needed experience to apply for a job, but your major and work experience don't appear to support that, you can consider including these sections. Examples of possible section titles are:


  • Worked at a retail clothing store in sales and service
  • Sold washing machines door-to-door during junior year


  • Assistant manager of Alma's Grocery Palace on weekends
  • Supervised four grounds workers at Port Columbus


  • Presented case study information to business classes
  • Facilitated student discussion groups at Capital University

Remember that if you use this format, you must show that you have the experience. Telling is not enough, so avoid statements like: "Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills", "Effectively supervise employees", and so on. Use specific examples of your skills. In addition, indicate where you learned and utilized skills.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Presented case study information to business classes
  • Facilitated student discussion groups at Capital University


Over five years of Personnel experience in recruitment, selection and placement. In addition, five years of front-line customer service responsibilities in corporate environments. The focus of these duties have included:

  • Directed and managed up to 22 employees in a high volume customer inquiry department. Provided quality assistance and problem resolution in response to 1600-2000 phone calls daily.
  • Implemented a comprehensive recruitment program that addressed future management needs of the organization. Directly involved in the hiring of 40-50 exempt undergraduate, MBA, and experienced candidates annually.
  • Designed strategies to fill key entry and mid-level management positions from local, regional, and national markets.
  • Created targeted recruitment activities that increased headcount by 100% to support an expanding market and product line.
  • Hired non-exempt employees. Average vacancy load was 35-45 job openings.

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