What your resume should never include

A Resume Title
It should be obvious what it is.
Apparently you are available; you are looking for work. It decreases the life span of your resume and your efficiency if you do not get a job by the specified date.
If your request is too high, you are eliminated immediately. If it's too low, they may still trash your resume, or worse. They may pay you what you asked, which is thousands less than you are worth.
Mention of Age, Race, Religion, Sex, or National Origin
It's just not good business sense. Discrimination does happen to everyone, still.
Unnecessary, unless applying for a modeling or acting career. Then, a portfolio is recommended.
Charts and Graphs
Nobody's resume should have that much void space. If so, fix it. You can do better.
It is counter-productive. The purpose of the resume is to accentuate the positives.
Reason for Leaving
It is inappropriate for the resume. If the employer wants to know, he or she will ask you.
Do not list references because it is unprofessional. State instead "References are available upon request." at the very end of your resume.

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