Helpful Resume Writing Quiz for College Students and Recent Grads

This self-help quiz can help you learn to identify your transferable skills and marketable personal traits - and recognize achievements that you didn't previously notice or fully appreciate. Later, on your own or with a counselor's help, you can explore how these identified skills and assets apply to your RESUME and to your JOB SEARCH.

NOW ... Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Good friends count on each other for lots of things. What do YOUR friends count on YOU for?
  2. What does your FAMILY count on you for?
  3. What DIFFICULTIES or barriers have you overcome to get where you are now?
  4. What COURAGEOUS things have you done that you feel good about?
  5. IF one of your college friends were to BRAG about you, what would they say?
  6. IF YOU felt totally comfortable bragging about yourself, what would you brag about? What are you most PROUD of?
  7. What PRAISE or acknowledgment have you gotten from your instructors or from your employers?
  8. If you suddenly had to move far away what would your friends or instructors or colleagues MISS most about you? How would their lives be more difficult, less fun, or less interesting if you weren't there?
  9. What CREATIVE things have you done that you feel good about?
  10. Name about SIX QUALITIES or characteristics of OTHER people, that you most respect or admire.
  11. Which of those qualities you named above are also true about YOU?
    For each of those qualities, tell what you DO that gives people the impression that you have that quality.
  12. Think of a PROBLEM that came up that had other people stumped, but that YOU were able to do something about, to improve the situation.
    What did YOU do? What does that say about your abilities?
  13. Which academic studies are you best at? Why do you like these studies?
  14. What do you KNOW so well-or DO so well-that you could teach it to others? What's the main TIP you'd tell people about how to do that fabulously?
  15. What achievements in your jobs or internships gave you the most satisfaction?
  16. In those satisfying achievements (above), what skills were you using that you'd like to apply to future jobs?

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