Always use numerals for an address number: She lived at 456 N.E. 81st St.

Spell out and capitalize First through Ninth when used as a street name: The bus drove down Fourth Avenue South. Use numerals with two letters for 10th and above: She lived on 81st Street.

Abbreviate compass points (N.W., S., etc.; all caps with periods) used to show directional ends of a street or quadrants of a city in a numbered address: The building is at 543 S.W. 32nd St. The periods for abbreviated compass points in numbered addresses may be omitted in correspondence, maps, charts and tables.

Abbreviate only avenue, boulevard and street as Ave., Blvd. and St. in a numbered address: Main Street Center is at 103 Main St.

Spell out and capitalize words such as alley, drive, road, way and terrace when part of an address or name: He worked on Burton Road Northwest and lived at 200 Burton Road N.W. Lowercase them when used alone or in plural forms: The crew will repave Cavanaugh and Ballinger roads.

When first used without a number, always spell out and capitalize the full name of a street, avenue, road or boulevard: He lived on Southwest Harbor Boulevard. Also spell out compass points (South, Northwest, etc.) if omitting the number: The building is on Southwest 32nd Street.

If the location is clear, common names (Avenue, Street, etc.) and compass points (East, Southwest, etc.) may be left off in later references.

Lowercase street, avenue, boulevard or road and the compass point when using the plural form: The shopping center is between 35th and 37th avenues southwest on Southwest 10th Street. But don't lowercase those words when the form is not plural: You can catch a bus on Second or Third Avenue. Also, lowercase and spell out street, avenue, boulevard or road when used alone: He drove down the tree-lined boulevard.

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